Gay oral slave

Lee orders the sub to wash his boots using simply his tongue, whereas Nick humiliatingly brands stuart a ‘cock slut’ across his back in permanent ink…
Given an opportunity to prove himself a worthy bottom, stuart is formed to beg for the privilege of cleaning out Master Lee’s sweaty bum crack…
Applying his full weight, Lee tramples the useless cunt along with his work boots, the tread marking stuarts skin…
What a worthless very little cock slut. The Tops degrade him by gobbing into his face and open mouth, long drools of spittle dribbled onto the stuart’s lips and tongue, smearing his face in sputum and ordering him to swallow it all down….

Brutal gay blowjob

The three dominant masters at BrutalTops! don’t take no for an answer. On his knees, the sub looks up to see the tall, muscular naked men sneering down at him. They shove their big hard cocks down his throat and push his face into their butt cheeks making him lick their assholes out. Choking on a handsome Master’s thick hard prick could be seen as a reward rather than a torment, so they gob into his mouth and two full snot rockets are delivered directly into the sub’s face and mouth. See all new demanding masters in actionat BrutalTops!

Brutal gay domination in army

It’s time for morning inspection in the BrutalTops army barracks and Master Mike and Master Derek are in no mood for slackers which doesn’t bode well for new recruit drew who hasn’t even made it out of his pit yet. These tops have been in the military and they know the most humiliating hazing rituals to subject their underlings to. The demanding tops bark orders and abuse at him while subjecting the sub to punishing exercise routines including doing squats onto a ball with a dildo attached to it. They order him to worship their boots and then trample on his naked body. He’s whipped with a crop and ordered to rim the big muscular men’s asses.


Needle Torment Power Tool Fuckers

Master Mike and Master Nick notch up the torment of their trussed up sub. They thrash the sub hard across his feet and his exposed ass cheeks with the leather paddle, reddening his buttocks more and more with every painful stinging whack. Nick thrusts the power-tooled dildo deep into the sub’s ass as Mike stabs needles into the sub’s feet turning them into a pin cushion. Each stab of a new needle piercing runt’s foot makes him moan out from behind the gag. The pain is relentless… see the most confident and ingenious masters at BrutalTops!

Gay facesitting

In war torn Tchukistan, the Army has been taken over by gay dominant soldiers. They prey on unsuspecting young civilian men and the pain and punishment they inflict can be brutal. Take these captives for example. You won’t want to miss seeing them stripped down and forced to give head to their gay dominant captors. Watch them submit to having hard cocks shoved their throats and ordered to suck every drop from the cum-filled balls of the soldiers. And you won’t want to miss seeing these captives covered in nut juice when the gay dominant soldiers blow their load.

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